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Account Manager Aude Sarfati is now representing HLC Aviation in Toulouse


Even more important than Hamburg, Toulouse has the largest concentration of aerospace business in Europe. "Of course we want to supply our customers locally," CEO Hans Brüchert points out. This role is now being taken over by our new Account Manager Aude Sarfati.

Maintaining and expanding the network

"I am really excited about getting to know HLC Aviation´s customers in Toulouse," explains Aude Sarfati. "And I'm happy about having the opportunity to explain to those who are not yet working with HLC Aviation how they can benefit from our range of products and services. The HLC Kanban system, for example, makes it possible to achieve reliability in production and at the same time allowing very small stock levels. "

Sarfati, who also speaks fluent English, wants to get in contact with customers and any interested parties - in person, at trade fairs or in the local aviation associations. "I want to maintain and expand the HLC Aviation network in France," she says.

In addition, Sarfati will be in close contact with René Bouchard and his sales team in Germany. "We are really excited about having Aude Sarfati as a competent contact person in Toulouse", Bouchard states.

Personal contact is indispensable

Prior to joining HLC Aviation, Aude Sarfati worked for an international goods testing company, first as a business developer, then as a sales director in Congo-Brazzaville. "I learned a lot there that I can now implement for the benefit of HLC," she explains. "The most important lesson that I have so far learned from my professional life is that there is no substitute for personal contact."

Sarfati was constantly on the road while working for her former employer. "I love traveling, and aviation has always fascinated me." Apart from just being interested in the aviation industry she has a special passion for flying. "My partner is an ULM pilot and we have flown together around parts of Africa. On those trips I experienced an incredible sense of freedom. And the views of the landscape seen through the windows were simply overwhelming. I hope to learn to fly someday. " She actively supported her partner in building his own ultralight aircraft and came into contact with materials that are now being sold to HLC Aviation customers".

You can reach Aude Sarfati at +33 (0)6 59 34 49 25,


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