Closed cooling chain

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Using dry ice and its own cooling chamber, HLC Aviation can now also supply adhesives that set at room temperature


Textured adhesive films provide a solid and secure connection between assembled aircraft components and can often replace the use of decidedly heavier rivets. Adhesive films such as 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ AF 163-2K WT.06, for example, are suitable for metal-on-metal bonding or, more frequently, for bonding composites. A challenge to the delivery and handling of these films is that they set and harden at room temperature. In these situations, what is required in logistics, is a closed cooling chain.

Temperature monitored cooling chamber

"We are pleased that we can now offer our customers such a closed cooling chain," states René Bouchard, Head of Sales at HLC Aviation. The manufacturers send these adhesives to HLC Aviation in special cardboard packaging and they are cooled with dry ice. "As soon as the goods arrive, the temperature data logs are read for the purpose of quality assurance," explains Bouchard. This is a temperature recording device that documents the temperature in the cardboard packaging throughout the delivery. In addition, HLC Aviation has set up its own cooling chamber for storing the products. Also here the temperature is constantly monitored.

Last link in the logistics chain

The transport route to the HLC customers starts with the addition of sufficient dry ice to the delicate textured adhesive films. The HLC Aviation supply chain to the customer is certified and since dry ice is solid carbon, the shipment is declared as Dangerous Goods.



"By setting up the temperature-controlled cooling chamber, we have closed the last link in this sophisticated logistics chain and can now also supply our customers with these sensitive adhesives," explains René Bouchard.


Photos: 3M, TAM-EU 

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