Customized Flap-Protection for Airbus Single Aisle

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HLC Aviation has created a reusable protection system for flaps which can withstand scratches, dents and other deformations caused by dropped tools or impacts during the assembly process.


Falling objects and impacts are often a problem in the assembly process and the relatively thin flaps can be easily damaged. In particular, so-called FODs (Falling Object Damages) occur regularly while working on the wings or on the fuselage of the A320-Family.

Therefore the goal of HLC Aviation was to develop a solution for the Airbus Single Aisle, which can withstand scratches, denting and other deformations. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep this protection system under the correct tension because the flaps are repeatedly adjusted in their angular position on the production line and are transported vertically.

The success of the HLC protection

HLC Aviation have created a foam solution with integrated metal clips which allows this basic tension without the need for bonding or rigging. The protection is installed on the flaps in Bremen and remains in place up to the final inspection. A millimetre-precise milling of the mould ensures that work on the flaps (connection with other components, surveying, etc.) can continue to be carried out without being disturbed. For ease of handling and storage this protection consists of a set of four (A319 / A320) or eight parts (A321).

With the HLC Foam Solution, damages can be avoided during the final assembly process. The protection can withstand both the potential damage from falling tools as well as other impacts and at the same time it serves as impact protection for employees due to the good buffering. This reusable solution avoids costly flap replacement and the production times are not at risk due to additional or unnecessary work.

If you want to learn more about our applications for foams, watch our latest video:

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