Hans and René in Action

Posted by Hans Brüchert on

So, why are most aeroplanes white? How important is the “time factor” for aviation? And really, what are the advantages of the Kanban logistics system for C-parts? These and other questions are answered in the videos that HLC Aviation has produced for its YouTube channel. In front of the camera and in their unique way, CEO Hans Brüchert and Head of Sales René Bouchard explain important concepts and parameters which relate to the aerospace industry.

For example, they explain the portfolio of products and services that HLC Aviation offers to its clients. The company supports its aerospace industry customers with products for the assembly, surface treatment and painting of aircraft. It also offers protective equipment for employees - from respirators to gloves to full body protection suits. Anyone who subscribes to the HLC channel on YouTube will regularly receive the latest videos from Hans Brüchert and René Bouchard with information about HLC Aviation and the aerospace industry.

Watch YouTube video with Hans and Réné

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