The aerospace industry on the upswing

Posted by Hans Brüchert on

Top results for air travel and cargo volume were achieved for the year ending in 2017. The prospects for 2018 are not bad either.

With 235 million German passengers, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen (ADV) expects record results for 2017. The cargo traffic of five million tons is also on its way to leading to top results.

For 2018, the association predicts growth of over four percent in passenger flights. Particularly strong is the impact on Europe's traffic, which is expected to grow by 5.5 percent to more than 150 million passengers. Significant growth of over five percent is also expected in the cargo sector.
"The momentum for the high volume of traffic at German airports comes from the persistently high demand for flights - especially from Europe and international long- distance traffic," explains ADV Chief Executive Ralph Beisel. The association also expects strong growth in intercontinental connections. It is more restrained when talking about internal German air traffic, here the ADV is predicting zero growth.

"Overall, we are optimistic about the new year," says Beisel. The aerospace sector remains on the upswing.

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